Monday, 6 February 2012


In this age of fast and junk foods, it is very difficult to keep yourself away from obesity but following tips would do magic.
  1. I LOVE TO EAT SWEET THINGS: How sweet! But look at the results. Your tummy is bulging out. It is because sweet things mean more calories. So stay away from fizzy drinks, chocolates, sweet meat etc.
  2. I HATE VEGETABLES: But I love vegetables, because these are a major source of fiber. What is fiber? It is that part of food which does no digest but helps in smooth passing of undigested food through our intestines. What does it do in weight loss? Food with Fiber gives you a sense of filling up and you eat less. So eat more fiber. I mean more vegetables. (Fruits are also a great source of fiber.)
  3. WHY SHOULD I DRINK MORE WATER: Drinking a glass of water before each meal fills up a large portion of your stomach and you eat less food. It suppresses your appetite and helps in quitting the habit of over eating. Now will you drink more water? I bet you will!
  4. SHOULD I HAVE SMALLER MEALS? You should, because it increases your metabolism and helps you to lose weight faster. But be careful! It should be light meal. 5-6 meals a days is good for you.
  5. IS SKIPPING A MEAL GOOD? No, No! It will have harmful effects on your body. You would suffer unbalanced gastric juices secretion, which causes acidity and other stomach problems. 
  6. MORNING WALK: Last but not least, morning walk will help you to lose weight more quickly. Walk before breakfast. It will start metabolism in your body but have breakfast within an hour of walking so that your body charge itself with the energy you need for the day.

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